Zircon Centre - Dental Mechanics

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Our laboratory is equiped with CAD/CAM system ZR DENTAL
Scanner accuracy-0,01мм
Milling machine accuracy-0.05мм

With this system we can make primary crowns with up to 14 member bridges, also inlays, onlays and facets,colored whit ZENOTEC zr(A1,A2,A3,A3,5........)or whit color liquid from VITA(LL1,LL2,LL3,LL4,LL5)by 3D MASTER.

Not like manual systems(MAD-MAN), with which you need to create a skeleton (from polymer, plastic) and then prepare duplicate from ZrO2(zirconia copings) , with our (CAD-CAM) system all we need is the plaster model and silicon print to scan and be created from the milling machine, controlled by a PC, with extreme accuracy. This saves a lot of our precious time, and quite a few money for polymers, plastics, etc.

Please, take advantage of our offer!
We will make your construction from certified material until carrying cover ceramics.

-with extreme accuracy;
-with quality certificate.

The price depends on the deadline(from 1 to 3 days).