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Thanks to the easy tasks, like conventional cementing
(glass ionomer or phosphate cement), his excellent bio compatibility and low temperature conductivity, zirconium dioxide is the suitable material
in modern dental restoration.
Transparency of the zirconium is very important for the aesthetic and natural look of dental restorations.
These characteristics improve from another zirconium skeleton(that replaces the metal one) option to be coloured in 16 different colours.
These fact guarantees the duration of good aesthetic effect, even in situation where related with maturity gum recession, that can be caused from metalceramic dental restorations. Besides, this acid resistance material prevents absorption of contaminants and help cleaning.

Our system does not require any special methods of preparation. It can use threshold and non-threshold preparation.

In case there is need to  articulate its recommended to use fine-grained diamond files with water cooling.

Trepanation of restorations with zirconium is not complex. New diamond borers need with water cooling must be used.
They are cut just like as metal-ceramic crowns.